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Top 50 Penny Stocks

This listing of Penny Stocks is provided to help the people know about the latest trends and stocks for investment. We’ve been working from past decade to assist for penny stocks and using best help from stock experts to gauge out the most rewarding penny stocks. Remember, there are no good or bad stocks, but you have to be careful in choosing them according to their performance and reputation in the market. Our listings have helped many people to keep a watch list on the products and get latest trends of penny stocks to get real-time ideas and investment trends.

There are best penny stocks available giving you high returns on your investment. You can consider this list of penny stocks to check out availability, pricing, ups & lows, volume and percentage. It is essential for you to research beforehand to get all the data about the penny stock before making a buying decision.

List of Penny Stocks

  • Blue Line Protection Group Inc (BLPG)
  • Soul & Vibe Interact Inc Neah Power Sys Inc (SOUL)
  • eBullion Inc (EBML)
  • MAX Sound Corporation (MAXD)
  • Freedie MAC (FMCC)
  • Radiant Creations Group Inc (RCGP)
  • ARCH Therapeutics Inc (ARTH)
  • Fannie MAE (FNMA)
  • Saleen Automotive Inc (SLNN)
  • Endeavor IP Inc (ENIP)
  • Global Equity Intl Inc (GEQU)
  • Powerdyne International (PWDY)
  • Rich Pharmaceuticals Inc (RCHA)
  • Eventure Interactive INC (EVTI)
  • Esko Bionics Holdings Inc (ESKO)
  • The Staffing Group Ltd (TSGL)
  • Cardinal Energy Group (CEGX)
  • Nightculture Inc (NGHT)
  • Cocrystal Pharma Inc (COCP)
  • Sino Agro Food Inc (SIAF)
  • PETAQUILLA Minerals Ltd (PTQMF)
  • Nugene International Inc (NUGN)
  • Blue Water Global Grp Inc (BLUU)
  • Petro River Oil Corp (PTRC)
  • Ambient Water Corp (AGWI)
  • Medizone INTL Inc (MZEI)
  • Vitrus Oil and Gas Corp (VOIL)
  • Sevion Therapeutics Inc (SVON)
  • Canadian Zinc Corporation (CZISF)
  • Vending International Inc (VEND)
  • Galenfeha Inc Fresh Healthy (GLFH)
  • Careview Communs Inc (CRVW)
  • Sito Mobile Limited (SITO)
  • Fannie MAE (FNMAT)
  • Excelsis Investments Inc (EXSL)
  • Regen Biopharma Inc (RGBP)
  • MRI Interventions Inc (MRIC)
  • Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc (NUUU)
  • United Cannabis Corp. (CNAB)
  • ASPEN Group Inc (ASPU)
  • Propell Techs Group Inc (PROP)
  • National Waste Management (NWMH)
  • American Graphite Techs (AGIN)
  • Intl Isotopes Inc (INIS)
  • Daniels Corporate Advisor (DCAC)
  • Spiral Toys Inc (STOY)
  • Virtual Piggy Inc (VPIG)
  • Apptigo International Inc (APPG)
  • Hydrocarb Energy Corp (HECC)

Penny stocks are risky and consume a lot of time to make the right decision, which doesn’t work against you. Don’t look for undervalued penny stock as you need to look for best financial options for improvement of your finances. You need to sell the stocks at appropriate price and get better revenues by relying on your research and of course, Luck matters a lot. These records are risky, but if you get to understand the concept behind selecting right companies, you can earn at least from three out of five stocks for compensation of the rest two.