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Airborne Wireless Network

Airborne Wireless Network is a company with the aim of providing the high-speed broadband airborne wireless network. It works in development, licensing and marketing the broadband network through mesh network concept in the flight mode of aircraft. The company had its former name as Ample-Tee, Inc. (founded in 2011). The HQ is located in Simi Valley, California, United States.
The company has developed the Infinitus (high-speed broadband airborne wireless network) which enables the aircraft to act as a router or repeater which is capable of receiving and sending the signals from ground stations and even in-flight mode. The company sells broadband wireless bandwidth to the Internet providers and telecom companies. Infinitus software development is done with the software development collaboration with Thinking Different Technologies. The designing and manufacturing part is handled by the agreement with Mynaric AG. AWN makes the intention of using the commercial aircraft as the miniature satellites. The targeted customers of the company will be data and communication providers in different regions.
The advantages of Airborne Wireless Network are:
1) Global Services
The company has the pipelined project for the true airborne broadband pipeline having the basis of providing connectivity for worldwide broadband carrier services with the use of commercial aircraft.
2) Advanced wireless services
The provision of wireless radio technology for the network was not preventing in the commercial realm. Now, it is not limited only to the military communication or in-house developments and every activity could be done with the compliance to the FCC and FAA regulations.
3) Patented technology
AWN acquired the patent for deployment and development of the new technology for wireless broadband air-carrier services (2016). It was after many years that this progress occurred. The company now has a stand to work on this newest concept to create a patented resultant of the wireless connection through aircraft.
4) Real-time performance
The meshed system technology doesn’t go on with ‘store and forward’ concept. Instead, it has the real-time operation in which the interrupted link would redirect the signal to the next aircraft or earth-station.
5) Virtual WWW
The network would mesh and there will be one web connecting the nodes through several links. It will be equivalent to a virtually airborne worldwide web.
6) Easy upgrade or servicing
The new systems and software apps should be easily updated. AWN system can be easily upgraded for the system to become ready for future and this is the preparation done before launching the system. The network could never be obsolete and the modules should be easily replaceable for the right move.
7) No Junk Space
Satellites can be knocked out of orbit or get disabled. AWN system makes operation in the controlled and protected environment. This would prevent the junk space and help in the right operation of the tasks.
The market capitalization of AWN is 65.86K and it is expected to grow with the coming time due to the unique technology being adopted by the company for its growth. The company’s stock prices will probably go up in the coming months with a growth in returns expected from the investors