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Beyond Commerce Inc.

Beyond Commerce, Inc. was founded in the year 2006. It is a multi-faceted business having its operations in E-commerce and Ad Networking. The company has multiple businesses serving for generating high traffic web properties. i-SUPPLY is the e-com platform of the company and it specializes in offering the best e-commerce solutions with the revenue generation techniques for the 3rd party advertisements on local or larger levels. The operations of the company have three major segments: internet retail stores and e-com operations, online media and marketing company and e-com store licensing business.
The company has many subsidiaries and manages different business trends. The present scenario of the company of OTC Markets has updated and float reduced by 245,099,425 shares.
Service 800 has revealed its first business venture agreement with Beyond Commerce Inc. It focuses on getting the actual customer experience in the different ways. Customer expectations are variable in the present times and it is important for the companies to understand their customers in the best way. The analysis of these levels can reveal the interconnections between the company’s delivery and the customer response on the same. It is not easy to build an effective customer experience measurement task for knowing their responses. Customer survey method has to be very effective and interesting for the people. Service 800 has been doing it for last 25 years and have successfully created the experience measuring programs having best scope in the class. The company has done much beyond the same and has collected feedback for almost every industry including Consumer Good companies, IT, healthcare and many others.
Beyond Commerce secured Maxim Group LLC in February 2018. It is a leader in giving full services in investment banking, wealth management firm and securities. The company has its headquarters in New York providing the corporate planning and investment banking. The company will plan for the global experience with enhanced innovation and business growth. Maxim will assist the company’s efforts to become a fully reporting company under SEC guidelines. It will be an ultimate way to get the company towards a trusted figure in the stock market.
Beyond Commerce, Inc. has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The company was earlier known as BOOMj, Inc. and changed its name to Beyond Commerce, Inc. at the end of 2008. The company operates as a holding company with the acquisition of big companies in B2B marketing technology. The major objective of the company is to attain the strategic software technology and create the best market business models with the organic growth and adequate acquisitions. The company has a global platform to provide the unique point of contact for its IMT&S initiatives. There will be organic potential growth generated through cross-sale of the opportunities for future growth and expansion.
With the progression and new acquisitions, Beyond Commerce, Inc. is moving towards the positive prospects for its shareholders. The company will get the better scope in the years to come with its business associations and new acquisitions.