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Kali Inc.

Kali, Inc. was formerly known as VLOV Inc is a marketing and development company. The company was incorporated on October 30, 2006, with its major headquarters in China. The company majorly aims at focusing on the small to mid-sized market organizations for trading and brokerage of heavy fuel oils. The company was an apparel segment that designed, developed and distributed the men’s apparel and products. There are many methods adopted by the company to remove contamination from the degenerated hydrocarbons due to aging or accident effects. The product is returned to original use or secondary markets.
KALY is the ticker symbol of the company and it is quoted on the OTC Markets. The company is sometimes mistaken for Kalytera (symbol: QUEZF) but is basically a different firm. Kali, Inc. management is working to address this mistake in the indexing. The cannabis industry is quite lucrative in many states of America due to the legalization of Marijuana. The company looked at the asset acquiring opportunities during its visit to Puerto Rico for considering the cannabis industry. They are different from Kalytera having presence in cannabis sector as their main business line. Kali Inc. gives a projection of Puerto Rico Marina Management to get $ 30 Million in value. KALY released the major highlights from this visit. The contract with Harbormaster Development is projected to target marina site and run the additional potential projects.
The local potential partnership meetings presented attractive growth opportunities for the companies and their floated concepts in the market. KALY and Harbor Master have started making their plans for one hotel and one other location in Puerto Rico. The expansion will probably increase the original contract agreement between Harbor master and KALY to a value of $ 30 M. The companies have clubbed the strategic plans and detailed report for their planning for the upcoming ventures.
The previous year, KALY made an announcement for its entrance into $ 5 billion fragmented and underserved marina management market by making the first acquisition in comprehensive roll-up strategy with the company Wave Marine & Yacht services. The company has announced its expansion into additional market segments compliments to the marina management concept. It is anticipated that this expansion would lead to the total market sector opportunity of the company to over $ 56 million. The 52-week low of the company is $ 0.00020 and the highest value is $ 0.0021. The company is in the progression stage and acquisition of the primary plants would lead to a positive yield of returns.
Penny stock market is unpredictable but by checking the stats and financial reports of the company, it could be worthwhile to build a positive approach for the company. KALY is merging with the renowned groups and there are positive signals for the shareholders to creep into the market and get the benefits with the better returns over investment. The market capital of $ 132.79 K will increase with the more people entrusting the group. The company is doing its best in making the better financial projections for the times to come.