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Analyst Rating Widget

Gain valuable insights into the performance of a stock by accessing our user-friendly display ratings, showcasing technical analysis and analyst recommendations. Stay informed and make informed decisions with our reliable and accessible financial data.

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Trending Stocks Ticker

With just a few clicks, you can bring the pulse of the market right to your website, and keep your audience up-to-date on
the latest trending stocks with our horizontal stocks ticker.

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Market Tracking ETFs Widget

Get accurate and up to date insights into the performance of exchange-traded funds with our Market Tracking ETFs widget. With a simple integration process, you can easily add this feature to your website and keep your audience informed on the latest market trends.

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Single Stock Ticker

Get end of day price and change for any stock.

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Symbol Analyst Ratings

Retrieve the three most recent analyst ratings for any particular stock, and acquire our consensus regarding
stock analysts and their respective ratings.

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Analyst Targets Widget

Get latest average targets, and high and low target range for a stock

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Stock Returns Comparison Widget

Select up to 10 stocks and compare their returns over 1 Week, 1 Month and 1 Year

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Stock Analyst Ratings Comparison Widget

Select up to 10 stocks and compare their analyst ratings and targets

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Frequently asked questions

We do not allow the removal of Stock Target Advisor credit as it allows your users to see the source of your information. It not only protects you but also improves the credibility of our data as we are leading provided or automatic stock analysis.

You can choose either to embed a live widget, which updates regularly or just choose to download an image if you just want static data.

Our premium users can replace the Stock Target Advisor logo with their own logos on the widgets.

We are currently focused on the major global stock exchanges from which we can get the most accurate data and stock analyst ratings. We are continuously adding more exchanges to our site. If you have a specific request please drop us a line at admin@stocktargetadvisor.com

Just select the Dark Mode option from the Theme drop down in the Widget Settings sections.