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Kali Inc.

Kali, Inc. was formerly known as VLOV Inc is a marketing and development company. The company was incorporated on October 30, 2006, with its major headquarters in China. The company majorly aims at focusing on the small to mid-sized market organizations for trading and brokerage of heavy fuel oils. The company was an apparel segment that designed, developed and distributed the men’s apparel and products. There are many methods adopted by the company to remove contamination from the degenerated hydrocarbons due to aging or accident effects. The product is returned to original use or secondary markets.
KALY is the ticker symbol of the company and it is quoted on the OTC Markets. The company is sometimes mistaken for Kalytera (symbol: QUEZF) but is basically a different firm. Kali, Inc. management is working to address this mistake in the indexing. The cannabis industry is quite lucrative in many states of America due to the legalization of Marijuana. The company looked at the asset acquiring opportunities during its visit to Puerto Rico for considering the cannabis industry. They are different from Kalytera having presence in cannabis sector as their main business line. Kali Inc. gives a projection of Puerto Rico Marina Management to get $ 30 Million in value. KALY released the major highlights from this visit. The contract with Harbormaster Development is projected to target marina site and run the additional potential projects.
The local potential partnership meetings presented attractive growth opportunities for the companies and their floated concepts in the market. KALY and Harbor Master have started making their plans for one hotel and one other location in Puerto Rico. The expansion will probably increase the original contract agreement between Harbor master and KALY to a value of $ 30 M. The companies have clubbed the strategic plans and detailed report for their planning for the upcoming ventures.
The previous year, KALY made an announcement for its entrance into $ 5 billion fragmented and underserved marina management market by making the first acquisition in comprehensive roll-up strategy with the company Wave Marine & Yacht services. The company has announced its expansion into additional market segments compliments to the marina management concept. It is anticipated that this expansion would lead to the total market sector opportunity of the company to over $ 56 million. The 52-week low of the company is $ 0.00020 and the highest value is $ 0.0021. The company is in the progression stage and acquisition of the primary plants would lead to a positive yield of returns.
Penny stock market is unpredictable but by checking the stats and financial reports of the company, it could be worthwhile to build a positive approach for the company. KALY is merging with the renowned groups and there are positive signals for the shareholders to creep into the market and get the benefits with the better returns over investment. The market capital of $ 132.79 K will increase with the more people entrusting the group. The company is doing its best in making the better financial projections for the times to come.

Beyond Commerce Inc.

Beyond Commerce, Inc. was founded in the year 2006. It is a multi-faceted business having its operations in E-commerce and Ad Networking. The company has multiple businesses serving for generating high traffic web properties. i-SUPPLY is the e-com platform of the company and it specializes in offering the best e-commerce solutions with the revenue generation techniques for the 3rd party advertisements on local or larger levels. The operations of the company have three major segments: internet retail stores and e-com operations, online media and marketing company and e-com store licensing business.
The company has many subsidiaries and manages different business trends. The present scenario of the company of OTC Markets has updated and float reduced by 245,099,425 shares.
Service 800 has revealed its first business venture agreement with Beyond Commerce Inc. It focuses on getting the actual customer experience in the different ways. Customer expectations are variable in the present times and it is important for the companies to understand their customers in the best way. The analysis of these levels can reveal the interconnections between the company’s delivery and the customer response on the same. It is not easy to build an effective customer experience measurement task for knowing their responses. Customer survey method has to be very effective and interesting for the people. Service 800 has been doing it for last 25 years and have successfully created the experience measuring programs having best scope in the class. The company has done much beyond the same and has collected feedback for almost every industry including Consumer Good companies, IT, healthcare and many others.
Beyond Commerce secured Maxim Group LLC in February 2018. It is a leader in giving full services in investment banking, wealth management firm and securities. The company has its headquarters in New York providing the corporate planning and investment banking. The company will plan for the global experience with enhanced innovation and business growth. Maxim will assist the company’s efforts to become a fully reporting company under SEC guidelines. It will be an ultimate way to get the company towards a trusted figure in the stock market.
Beyond Commerce, Inc. has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The company was earlier known as BOOMj, Inc. and changed its name to Beyond Commerce, Inc. at the end of 2008. The company operates as a holding company with the acquisition of big companies in B2B marketing technology. The major objective of the company is to attain the strategic software technology and create the best market business models with the organic growth and adequate acquisitions. The company has a global platform to provide the unique point of contact for its IMT&S initiatives. There will be organic potential growth generated through cross-sale of the opportunities for future growth and expansion.
With the progression and new acquisitions, Beyond Commerce, Inc. is moving towards the positive prospects for its shareholders. The company will get the better scope in the years to come with its business associations and new acquisitions.

WorldFlix Inc.


WorldFlix Inc. is a company associated with the entertainment world. It identifies, develops, produces and distributes the featured films and TV series projects. The company began its services in 2006 and has its HQ in Palm Springs, California, US. The company has attained success in the field of production and management. It includes the best technology in Hollywood movies and gives them an exclusive outlook on all the aspects.

The company has 52-week low value $ 0.00040 and high $ 0.0054. It has attained the major distributions and works under many names for giving the best movies to the entertainment world.

WorldFlix Entertainment Management (WEM)

WEM understands the ‘Idea-based world’ where the major focus is to become creative in every project. It is a global platform for the managing film artists all over the globe and the best part is that there are no geographical bounds associated with it. There is uniqueness in every project and the inspired thoughts are advanced in the movies.

WEM has projects developed in the USA, China, UAE, Canada, India, and Malaysia. The mission is to create exclusive award-winning concepts for a diverse audience in wide arrays of the world by associating the vision from filmmakers all over the globe. The careers are made on this platform both behind and in front of the camera. The original properties and literary concepts are being published for small and big screens. The Hollywood technology clients and connecting startups are connected by this platform.

App Farm

Apps are in trend due to the highest usage of smartphones. All applications are crafted for the growth of profitable results for the company. There are many games on the app stores having a great craze among people of all the ages. The expert panel of App Farm selects the apps having the potential to get successful and the investors vote for the apps they like the most. Apps are future and growing them would be like advancing the future.


Social media and smartphones have attained a big part of our lives. Swantry is the mobile app allowing the creation of the safe mobile environment for your children without affecting their social life. It requires your permission with the child to allow the trusted contacts to be added to your list. It keeps the encryption for the child’s identity, messages, images and videos; and hence, makes the mobile safe for your children.


Finnish technology and design experts have started this venture with the US partners WorldFlix, Inc. This company is meant for making the people and companies to get their private data and backup secured. This is meant for private and public sector companies, families and individuals.


It is a game creator having a simplicity to be created on the browser without any special coding skills. You can just begin by starting it on your web browser. It could be done on any PCs or mobile devices. This is the independent gaming zone in which players can accomplish the game plays with their own mind.


Santeon Group Inc.

Santeon Group, Inc. is a company dealing with software products and services. The company has been providing the integration, process automation with human review, business activity monitoring, modelling and stimulation and collaboration solutions since 2009. The headquarters of Santeon Group is located in Reston, VA, United States. The company is very focused for building, testing, validating and deploying the best software solutions in the industry. There are value-based disciplines generated for providing resources, technology and high-end methods for guiding you through the quest to attain the required goals.
The company gives prime focus on the Enterprise Agility by offering the strategic platforms and associated services. There are specializations meant for the public and private sectors with the mixed approach of training, software development, consulting and business process automation with optimization. The clients are assisted in the analysis of the business objectives and the ways to capitalize on the growing demands of the market. There is optimized service delivery undertaken for reducing marketing time and improving the quality, client satisfaction and reduction of costs for the best Enterprise Agility. The company has the commitment to their customers and have a list of many satisfied clients living up to the primary standards. The customers are given the best solutions for the software services.
The company makes assurance for giving legal and ethical services to the clients and make them ahead over their competition. The IT management company gives the full support to achieve the best solutions and targets. The subsidiaries of the company are Touchdev Limited, Ubroadcast Entertainment Inc., Santeon Inc., iVu Media Corp. and X2A Consulting, LLC. The goal of the company in designing the products and services aims at analysis, planning, designing and implementation of the solutions putting the clients ahead in their competition with the support of business targets and objectives. The company is highly committed to achieving the desired goals for their clients.
The 52-week low value of the stock is $ 0.020 and the high value is $ 0.50. The company provides the sustainable growth to the shareholders, employees and customers. The company gives an influential expert in the futuristic growth of software with the different platforms. The team is hardworking and innovative high ethical values. The success grows with the building of appropriate products and service solutions for the company. The rate of success proceeds with the steady and assured solutions for every activity undertaken by the company.
The client’s mission and goals are important to be understood by the team. The company representatives make sure that they align with the client’s anticipations and execute their plans with the use of different products and services. The shareholders can expect a good turnover from the company this year as the core branch and the subsidiaries are making efforts in giving their best to the customers and getting the desired results for the companies. The company has a list of many satisfied clients and have a positive impact on the minds of investors. The stock is surely under the observation of penny stock experts.

Airborne Wireless Network

Airborne Wireless Network is a company with the aim of providing the high-speed broadband airborne wireless network. It works in development, licensing and marketing the broadband network through mesh network concept in the flight mode of aircraft. The company had its former name as Ample-Tee, Inc. (founded in 2011). The HQ is located in Simi Valley, California, United States.
The company has developed the Infinitus (high-speed broadband airborne wireless network) which enables the aircraft to act as a router or repeater which is capable of receiving and sending the signals from ground stations and even in-flight mode. The company sells broadband wireless bandwidth to the Internet providers and telecom companies. Infinitus software development is done with the software development collaboration with Thinking Different Technologies. The designing and manufacturing part is handled by the agreement with Mynaric AG. AWN makes the intention of using the commercial aircraft as the miniature satellites. The targeted customers of the company will be data and communication providers in different regions.
The advantages of Airborne Wireless Network are:
1) Global Services
The company has the pipelined project for the true airborne broadband pipeline having the basis of providing connectivity for worldwide broadband carrier services with the use of commercial aircraft.
2) Advanced wireless services
The provision of wireless radio technology for the network was not preventing in the commercial realm. Now, it is not limited only to the military communication or in-house developments and every activity could be done with the compliance to the FCC and FAA regulations.
3) Patented technology
AWN acquired the patent for deployment and development of the new technology for wireless broadband air-carrier services (2016). It was after many years that this progress occurred. The company now has a stand to work on this newest concept to create a patented resultant of the wireless connection through aircraft.
4) Real-time performance
The meshed system technology doesn’t go on with ‘store and forward’ concept. Instead, it has the real-time operation in which the interrupted link would redirect the signal to the next aircraft or earth-station.
5) Virtual WWW
The network would mesh and there will be one web connecting the nodes through several links. It will be equivalent to a virtually airborne worldwide web.
6) Easy upgrade or servicing
The new systems and software apps should be easily updated. AWN system can be easily upgraded for the system to become ready for future and this is the preparation done before launching the system. The network could never be obsolete and the modules should be easily replaceable for the right move.
7) No Junk Space
Satellites can be knocked out of orbit or get disabled. AWN system makes operation in the controlled and protected environment. This would prevent the junk space and help in the right operation of the tasks.
The market capitalization of AWN is 65.86K and it is expected to grow with the coming time due to the unique technology being adopted by the company for its growth. The company’s stock prices will probably go up in the coming months with a growth in returns expected from the investors

22nd Century Group

22nd Century Group, Inc. is a biotechnology company having its basis for the developmental increase or decrease in nicotine level and nicotinic alkaloids in tobacco plants. It even modulates the cannabinoids in cannabis plants through the plant breeding and genetic engineering concepts. The company was founded in 1998 with the headquarters in Clarence, New York, United States.
The company had 2011 as an important milestone. The company became a publicly traded company during this phase and collaborated the capital of $ 5.4 million. XXII is the symbol of the company and it has marked several trials for X-22 smoking cessation aid in development. This is the prescription-based product for aiding smoking cessation with VLN (Very Low Nicotine) cigarettes. This would be licensed with Heracles Pharmaceuticals LLC, which is a pharma subsidiary of XXII providing exclusive rights to X-22.
The research and development of the company in the primary phases was done by the University of Virginia and its subsidiary introduced 2 super-prime cigarette brands to the US market and made delivery of 9 million+ research cigarettes with the tradename SPECTRUM. It was meant for research purposes and managed by 22nd Century for NIDA.
The stock prices of the company in the last 52-weeks have been $ 1.33- $ 4.44. The long-term focus of the company in R & D, manufacturing, sales and distribution of the products has always been a plus for its growth. The regulation of nicotine levels has been a unique trait in the cigarette industry. There are 97% reductions made in nicotine levels of the plant and it would be a much better option than the conventional tobacco plants with higher nicotine levels.
There are best technological applications for these clinical studies and VLN tobacco has demonstrated some of the best effects for remarkable efficacy as a smoking cessation help. The company is making moves for making products for the smokers who don’t want to quit. In such cases, the low nicotine tobacco helps in the production of the cigarette having the lowest tar-to-nicotine ratio.
The tobacco industry is shifting towards the trend of less harmful products for the lessened risk of tobacco containing products. It would be the right step towards the achievement of the public health objective and produce the cigarettes having a less negative impact. The company has a very long R & D process over many years which makes it a positive go for the most progressive ways towards the healthiest move. The company has produced many results and there are many others pipelined in the process. The international licensing of 22nd Century Group’s products would promote the products in a better way and help the company’s experts to produce the reduced-risk and modified tobacco products.
The company will have a significant response towards the achievement of public health objective for less harmful smoke production. The development of X-22 with very low nicotine levels will be a great blessing for reducing the harmful effects of normal cigarettes. The constant research and development are anticipated to mark a positive and less risky mode of reducing the negative impact of cigarettes.

Realbiz Media Group Inc.

RealBiz Media Group, Inc. is a company having expertise in the distribution of the consumer products in the Middle East and African lands. The company was found in the year 1994 and has been involved in two segmented operations: Food Industry and Real Estates. The food segment deals with supermarkets, hotels and wholesale food trade and the company deal with frozen food items, poultry, vegetables and other products. The market capitalization of the company is $3.635 M and it sells the products and real estate options through technological digital media. The ticker symbol of this stock is RBIZ and it trades on OTCQB market and it is a developing US-based company.
The company advertises for the real estates in your area and you can get high traffic from the real people having interest in buying and selling the houses in your geographical region. The services given to the clients are unsurpassed and they can even publish the ratings for the exact review of the products. The optimization of the personal brand gives an add-on to the business page and make it more inviting for the buyers.
Verus Foods
It is an international supplier of the consumer food products. The brand promotes its food products to the hotels, supermarkets and other wholesale suppliers. The company made a planning to pursue a program for adding the cold-storage facilities, add new vertical farm-to-market strategies and expand the product line. Verus has its major focus on the meat, vegetables, French fries and seafood frozen elements. At present, the company has its existence in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, North Africa and the Middle East.
It is the real estate segment of the company working on the technological grounds. The company is leading in providing a home to the clients and has over 60K brokers and real estate agents associated. It provides a Virtual Tour Network with many approved vendors and national contracts having an important role in the key development programs. The company targets its digital video network to 70 million households which is an achievement on its own. MicroVideo App program is an agent-driven application for providing a TV Video-on-Demand (VOD) program.
The 52-week low price of the company’s stock is $ 0.00080 and the high end is $ 0.035. The company can get growth in business in the food and real estate sector with the proper planning. The present scenario of the company is quite lucrative and it is expected to get a growth in its respective stream. The food and real estate team are quite knowledgeable and can give the expected growth to the company’s business. The need of every agent and client is different and the real estate segment makes sure that everyone gets what they anticipate from the company’s business. The better prospects of the company could be attained with a higher market capitalization of the stocks. The company based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States will surely get its best move in the upcoming time.

LIG Assets

LIG Assets, Inc. works on the commercial and residential real estate business in Texas. The company was founded in 2008 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, United States. It majorly makes investments, acquisitions, financial support and management of the properties, such as hotels, condos, apartments, retail and business offices.
The company has a 52-week low value of $0.0020 and the high at $0.014. It has grown with the concept of Green Assets with the commercial and residential developments in real estate. It leads to the joint venture partnerships, strategic alliances and acquisitions designed to take the investors to a higher level in their investments. The company is dedicated to giving committed results to the stockholders and the partners. The executives and partners share the company’s progress through news releases, interviews and live events hosting. There are chat platforms designed for the discussion and association with the shareholders. The company is owned by the shareholders and they are associated to direct the company’s progress towards a better prospect, at the right time.
The company has an expert team in their respective fields and each member is well respected in their professional streams. It adds to the new value and maintains the previously held businesses for predictable profits for the company. The right business model has led the company to establish its position in the real estate industry and it is probably going to be the plus for the support of shareholders.
The concept of green and sustainable sectors has the ability to generate the best energy sources with the advanced power systems. The company applies the specially designed and manufactured recycled steel frames. The building materials have magnesium oxide (toxic free) with safety panels having resistance for termite, fungus, molds and even fire (tolerance of 3500 Degree F temperature). The structures can withstand the earthquake and floods. LIGA homes are affordable and fully equipped with disaster management environment for the improved mode in the construction segment.
LIG Assets, Inc. has an emerging focus on the green and renewable energy concepts having residential and commercial acquisition of real estate and development projects. The company’s existence on the pink sheets marks a prospective growth for it. The market capitalization of the company is $19.23M and it is looking for a better scope in the industry to establish the green wave in real estate projects.
The recent news for LIGA placed a stop order on 160 million stocks of Common Stock and exchange of fifty million Convertible Preferred Stocks were nullified. The protection of LIGA shareholders will certainly give a benefit to them. The board of directors have taken these decisions to benefit the stockholders and make them attain better returns over the investment. This initial phase of stock consolidation will grow LIGA’s business and it might leave the OTC status and go to the listing of major stock exchanges. The company is growing consistently and there are better prospects expected in the coming times. There will be a Podcast conducted for shareholders/investors in the upcoming future for outlining the unique business/investment model from the company for its future expansion.

Empowered Notary

Welcome to our Empowered Notary page, the notary public training, notary supply, and licensed professional stamp and embosser headquarters for all states.  But we’re not just for notaries!   To view our full line, click on blue PRODUCTS button, right, and scroll down, use the dropdown ‘View Products’ menu, lower right, or see the starred links below.  

We have Professional Seals – your architect stamp and seal, engineer seals, all licensed professional stamp and seals and we offer our shop drawing stamp and submittal review stamp personalized with your company name.  Every engineer and architect embosser and stamp is made according to your state guidelines.
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Personal Embossers!  We’re your source for your corporate seal, custom logo embosser, or personalized embosser – handheld or desk models.  Library or or Ex Libris, Caduceus medical symbol, judicial scales of justice, or any custom personalized embosser available.  Personalized embossers make a great and lasting gift for the holidays, graduation, birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift for that special someone!   We also have holiday embossers and address stamps for your holiday mailings!

Public classes for Notary

A notary is the public servant appointed by the state official. They are considered as the impartial witnesses for the signing of the legalized documents; such as Power of attorney, deeds or affidavits. Many states give offering of specialized public seminars and classes for helping the aspiring people to achieve their commission for the associated tasks.

The main objective of all notary public classes is to give enough knowledge to the applicants to become skilled and responsible notary persons and prepare them for the state public examination. There are classes including the regulatory act of notaries and introduction to legal terms, which would be helpful in their practical implementation of tasks.

Notary public classes are completely helpful in building yourself in the new position as notary public. The instructors offer the best of knowledge for the aspiring students to become a public notary. Notary public classes are short duration classes. It is not difficult to attain the notary license. There is requirement to attend a few classes and appear for the exam. There are many local colleges offering these short term courses at their training centers.

If it is difficult for you to find the notary courses near your area or there are no institutes offering these courses, you can check for the online courses and get full fledge information about the same. Online notary courses are an easy and comprehensive learning experience for the students and they can study at their own convenience with automated systems.

The course chosen by you should be as per your state laws. The cost of the public courses is about $100-300; depending on the duration and source. It is always better to check out the appropriate opportunities for notary public services in your area. There are many businesses requiring the notary public services of different types: attorneys, real estate, financial groups, insurance companies and many other finance related sectors.

Notary Public Training

Notary public training courses training courses are basically designed for providing basic and skillful knowledge for meeting the professional and ethical standards of the profession. Students can get all the knowledge about their responsibilities and duties as notary public.

In the US, notary is the officer selected by the state government for serving as the impartial witness for any event or case. The notaries in the US are regulated much less closely. There is no specialized training certification to get the license for notary. The requirements are only to pass a written test, get background check for a good reputation and get a notary bond or insurance as a guarantee of their honesty. There are many notary training courses provided online as well as at offline centers to get the education about the implementation of notary procedures.

Notary public training courses are also offered by many colleges and universities. They make sure to give the state notary requirements to receive the notary license. The best training modules make it feasible for the applicants to get skilled and responsible approach for notary public commission. The individuals are taught about clauses, concepts, legal terminology and framework of the state legal procedures. There are careful instructions given for regulation of the notary acts to implement the tasks in the most desirable way.

Notary Public Training

The applicants learn about the responsibilities, restrictions, conduct, affirmations, oaths, bonds and insurance, stamps and seals, licensing requirements and proceedings in form of short courses. It is recommended that the trainer in these institutes is active commissioned notary public and have practical knowledge about the procedures in notary.

Almost every notary public class offers the complete blueprint of running your notary business in the most desirable way. This information is important for the practical approach and helps people to identify various cases and begin building the business in a successful manner.



Glocalization is the name adopted from the combination of the words ‘global’ and ‘local’. The term first appeared in the late years of 80s. This concept allows the integration of local markets into world markets. The ways of selling the products are adapted in accordance to the local cultures in which they are sold. There is an intermingling of universal and particular tendencies in terms of businesses.

The biggest example for Glocalization is McDonald’s restaurants. They design their menus in the way as per the interest and suitability of local tastes. Glocalization involves the media for the encouragement of the foreign products with local audience. It provides good and media having dictating by the foreign entities.

Different uses

  • The organizations and households follow social networks combining the local and global interactions.
  • There are rights and responsibilities on world-class scale and the declarations are based on locality and culture of a place.

Concept of Glocalization

Glocalization involves marketing of services and products to local markets. There is a node of social relations and interactions depending on social relations and world encirclement. Glocalization is global localization. The socialists all over the world have encouraged this concept for the encouragement of global ideas into local world. for further details,

Information about Glocalization


Challenges to Glocalization

You need to understand the local environment in depth as every culture has a different history, customs and people. Glocalization involves new market and the concepts along with the traditional and new global ideas. The target market can succeed, if there is the whole study made for the target market. It is indeed interesting to include global concepts in local market to get that extra tinge to succeed. click here for more information.

  • Traditional societies have values for culture and heritage. They have multiple management levels to get approvals or decisions. There are pre-existing concepts and it makes harder for management to include alterations in an effective manner in multiple management levels. This system exists in Arab countries and Japan.
  • Rational societies have individual leveled values inspired by the past history, but they run in accordance to the present items. The perfect example is Germany having individual performance focus in the primary level, which gives a greeting gesture to the global ideas and companies.
  • Materialistic societies are mainly characterized by ex-communist countries. It is new and got created with enhanced economic opportunities and consisted of the markets with business for breaking it into newest ideas and no existent channels.
  • Postmodern society is the last category mainly in the countries in west Europe and New Zealand. These countries have blend of everything and are most flexible to global companies, new products and ideas.

There are many countries in the process of switching societies. There is continuous evolvement for switching societies and turning towards a better scope according to local market. There are emerging opportunities in every sphere and countries are adopting it for the purpose of gaining superiority over the other countries.