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22nd Century Group

22nd Century Group, Inc. is a biotechnology company having its basis for the developmental increase or decrease in nicotine level and nicotinic alkaloids in tobacco plants. It even modulates the cannabinoids in cannabis plants through the plant breeding and genetic engineering concepts. The company was founded in 1998 with the headquarters in Clarence, New York, United States.
The company had 2011 as an important milestone. The company became a publicly traded company during this phase and collaborated the capital of $ 5.4 million. XXII is the symbol of the company and it has marked several trials for X-22 smoking cessation aid in development. This is the prescription-based product for aiding smoking cessation with VLN (Very Low Nicotine) cigarettes. This would be licensed with Heracles Pharmaceuticals LLC, which is a pharma subsidiary of XXII providing exclusive rights to X-22.
The research and development of the company in the primary phases was done by the University of Virginia and its subsidiary introduced 2 super-prime cigarette brands to the US market and made delivery of 9 million+ research cigarettes with the tradename SPECTRUM. It was meant for research purposes and managed by 22nd Century for NIDA.
The stock prices of the company in the last 52-weeks have been $ 1.33- $ 4.44. The long-term focus of the company in R & D, manufacturing, sales and distribution of the products has always been a plus for its growth. The regulation of nicotine levels has been a unique trait in the cigarette industry. There are 97% reductions made in nicotine levels of the plant and it would be a much better option than the conventional tobacco plants with higher nicotine levels.
There are best technological applications for these clinical studies and VLN tobacco has demonstrated some of the best effects for remarkable efficacy as a smoking cessation help. The company is making moves for making products for the smokers who don’t want to quit. In such cases, the low nicotine tobacco helps in the production of the cigarette having the lowest tar-to-nicotine ratio.
The tobacco industry is shifting towards the trend of less harmful products for the lessened risk of tobacco containing products. It would be the right step towards the achievement of the public health objective and produce the cigarettes having a less negative impact. The company has a very long R & D process over many years which makes it a positive go for the most progressive ways towards the healthiest move. The company has produced many results and there are many others pipelined in the process. The international licensing of 22nd Century Group’s products would promote the products in a better way and help the company’s experts to produce the reduced-risk and modified tobacco products.
The company will have a significant response towards the achievement of public health objective for less harmful smoke production. The development of X-22 with very low nicotine levels will be a great blessing for reducing the harmful effects of normal cigarettes. The constant research and development are anticipated to mark a positive and less risky mode of reducing the negative impact of cigarettes.