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LIG Assets

LIG Assets, Inc. works on the commercial and residential real estate business in Texas. The company was founded in 2008 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, United States. It majorly makes investments, acquisitions, financial support and management of the properties, such as hotels, condos, apartments, retail and business offices.
The company has a 52-week low value of $0.0020 and the high at $0.014. It has grown with the concept of Green Assets with the commercial and residential developments in real estate. It leads to the joint venture partnerships, strategic alliances and acquisitions designed to take the investors to a higher level in their investments. The company is dedicated to giving committed results to the stockholders and the partners. The executives and partners share the company’s progress through news releases, interviews and live events hosting. There are chat platforms designed for the discussion and association with the shareholders. The company is owned by the shareholders and they are associated to direct the company’s progress towards a better prospect, at the right time.
The company has an expert team in their respective fields and each member is well respected in their professional streams. It adds to the new value and maintains the previously held businesses for predictable profits for the company. The right business model has led the company to establish its position in the real estate industry and it is probably going to be the plus for the support of shareholders.
The concept of green and sustainable sectors has the ability to generate the best energy sources with the advanced power systems. The company applies the specially designed and manufactured recycled steel frames. The building materials have magnesium oxide (toxic free) with safety panels having resistance for termite, fungus, molds and even fire (tolerance of 3500 Degree F temperature). The structures can withstand the earthquake and floods. LIGA homes are affordable and fully equipped with disaster management environment for the improved mode in the construction segment.
LIG Assets, Inc. has an emerging focus on the green and renewable energy concepts having residential and commercial acquisition of real estate and development projects. The company’s existence on the pink sheets marks a prospective growth for it. The market capitalization of the company is $19.23M and it is looking for a better scope in the industry to establish the green wave in real estate projects.
The recent news for LIGA placed a stop order on 160 million stocks of Common Stock and exchange of fifty million Convertible Preferred Stocks were nullified. The protection of LIGA shareholders will certainly give a benefit to them. The board of directors have taken these decisions to benefit the stockholders and make them attain better returns over the investment. This initial phase of stock consolidation will grow LIGA’s business and it might leave the OTC status and go to the listing of major stock exchanges. The company is growing consistently and there are better prospects expected in the coming times. There will be a Podcast conducted for shareholders/investors in the upcoming future for outlining the unique business/investment model from the company for its future expansion.