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Realbiz Media Group Inc.

RealBiz Media Group, Inc. is a company having expertise in the distribution of the consumer products in the Middle East and African lands. The company was found in the year 1994 and has been involved in two segmented operations: Food Industry and Real Estates. The food segment deals with supermarkets, hotels and wholesale food trade and the company deal with frozen food items, poultry, vegetables and other products. The market capitalization of the company is $3.635 M and it sells the products and real estate options through technological digital media. The ticker symbol of this stock is RBIZ and it trades on OTCQB market and it is a developing US-based company.
The company advertises for the real estates in your area and you can get high traffic from the real people having interest in buying and selling the houses in your geographical region. The services given to the clients are unsurpassed and they can even publish the ratings for the exact review of the products. The optimization of the personal brand gives an add-on to the business page and make it more inviting for the buyers.
Verus Foods
It is an international supplier of the consumer food products. The brand promotes its food products to the hotels, supermarkets and other wholesale suppliers. The company made a planning to pursue a program for adding the cold-storage facilities, add new vertical farm-to-market strategies and expand the product line. Verus has its major focus on the meat, vegetables, French fries and seafood frozen elements. At present, the company has its existence in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, North Africa and the Middle East.
It is the real estate segment of the company working on the technological grounds. The company is leading in providing a home to the clients and has over 60K brokers and real estate agents associated. It provides a Virtual Tour Network with many approved vendors and national contracts having an important role in the key development programs. The company targets its digital video network to 70 million households which is an achievement on its own. MicroVideo App program is an agent-driven application for providing a TV Video-on-Demand (VOD) program.
The 52-week low price of the company’s stock is $ 0.00080 and the high end is $ 0.035. The company can get growth in business in the food and real estate sector with the proper planning. The present scenario of the company is quite lucrative and it is expected to get a growth in its respective stream. The food and real estate team are quite knowledgeable and can give the expected growth to the company’s business. The need of every agent and client is different and the real estate segment makes sure that everyone gets what they anticipate from the company’s business. The better prospects of the company could be attained with a higher market capitalization of the stocks. The company based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States will surely get its best move in the upcoming time.