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WorldFlix Inc.


WorldFlix Inc. is a company associated with the entertainment world. It identifies, develops, produces and distributes the featured films and TV series projects. The company began its services in 2006 and has its HQ in Palm Springs, California, US. The company has attained success in the field of production and management. It includes the best technology in Hollywood movies and gives them an exclusive outlook on all the aspects.

The company has 52-week low value $ 0.00040 and high $ 0.0054. It has attained the major distributions and works under many names for giving the best movies to the entertainment world.

WorldFlix Entertainment Management (WEM)

WEM understands the ‘Idea-based world’ where the major focus is to become creative in every project. It is a global platform for the managing film artists all over the globe and the best part is that there are no geographical bounds associated with it. There is uniqueness in every project and the inspired thoughts are advanced in the movies.

WEM has projects developed in the USA, China, UAE, Canada, India, and Malaysia. The mission is to create exclusive award-winning concepts for a diverse audience in wide arrays of the world by associating the vision from filmmakers all over the globe. The careers are made on this platform both behind and in front of the camera. The original properties and literary concepts are being published for small and big screens. The Hollywood technology clients and connecting startups are connected by this platform.

App Farm

Apps are in trend due to the highest usage of smartphones. All applications are crafted for the growth of profitable results for the company. There are many games on the app stores having a great craze among people of all the ages. The expert panel of App Farm selects the apps having the potential to get successful and the investors vote for the apps they like the most. Apps are future and growing them would be like advancing the future.


Social media and smartphones have attained a big part of our lives. Swantry is the mobile app allowing the creation of the safe mobile environment for your children without affecting their social life. It requires your permission with the child to allow the trusted contacts to be added to your list. It keeps the encryption for the child’s identity, messages, images and videos; and hence, makes the mobile safe for your children.


Finnish technology and design experts have started this venture with the US partners WorldFlix, Inc. This company is meant for making the people and companies to get their private data and backup secured. This is meant for private and public sector companies, families and individuals.


It is a game creator having a simplicity to be created on the browser without any special coding skills. You can just begin by starting it on your web browser. It could be done on any PCs or mobile devices. This is the independent gaming zone in which players can accomplish the game plays with their own mind.